Deep rooted history and expertise

Bord na Móna is responsible for about 80,000 hectares of peatlands in Ireland. Currently, we have 54,800 hectares of certified organic land – land that has never been in agricultural use. With full certification by 2021, this will make Bord na Móna Herbs one of the largest organic landholders in Europe.

Our parent company was originally established in 1946 to develop Ireland’s peat resources for the economic benefit of Ireland. The company remit at that time was to generate electricity for Irish towns and villages, as well as providing jobs and opportunities for local communities.

Utilising its knowledge of peat and understanding its other values, the company developed a horticultural business, supplying composts and growing media to trade and professionals around the world. This has given us a very high standard of expertise in growing media, horticulture and plant biochemistry.

The company has since evolved and grown over these years to offer solutions in many different business areas. Bord na Móna is now involved in a range of sectors such as renewable energy and resource recovery, which include building wind and solar farms and providing recycling solutions.

As part of this company development and evolution, we have branched into other areas using our expertise and knowledge in growing media and the land we steward, to create new businesses and value-add for a worldwide need.

Most of our landholding is untouched growing territory and the company has identified 55,000 hectares of land that can be certified as organic. This gives us a unique opportunity to provide a gold standard in medicinal plant growth and supply operations on a large scale.

We hope you will come and join us on this journey, providing top quality plant supply for a worldwide need.

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